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High quality carpet cleaning in Faringdon and surrounding area

Are you looking for carpet cleaning Faringdon? Don’t spend weekends cleaning your carpet when Abacus Cleaning Services will help you maintain a clean carpet, so that you can go out and enjoy spending time with your loved ones instead.

Located in Faringdon, Abacus Cleaning Services offers effective professional carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices.  We also provide a reliable carpet stain removal service.

Our carpet cleaning services in Faringdon include:

  • Cleaning of fitted carpets

  • Loose rug cleaning

  • Odour treatments

  • Spot and stain removal

  • Carpet protection

Personalised Carpet Cleaning Faringdon

There is no standard method to clean all carpets, so our cleaning services are personalised for your carpets and your specific requirements.   While we are cleaning your carpet, we might ask you to remove small items like pot plants, coffee tables and any other household items from the area that requires cleaning. We will carefully move larger furniture if required.

For most domestic carpet cleaning Faringdon situations we will use an extensive “wet clean” process, which involves a thorough pre-vacuum to remove dry dirt. Based on the type of carpet and the degree of soiling, we will apply a desired cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is usually applied with a pressure sprayer and then gently worked into the carpet pile to ensure each fibre is cleaned.

We give sufficient time for the cleaning solution to work on the soiling, after which the carpet is rinsed using effective commercial extraction equipment to remove the cleaning solution and soiling from the carpet. At this point, if need arises, we carry out further effective spot and stain removal treatments using specialised cleaning agents. This helps us in eliminating final traces of stains that were not removed during the initial cleaning process.

The time taken to dry the carpet depends upon many factors like the type of carpet, the degree of soiling and the practicalities of ventilating the area. The entire drying process may take a few hours. Upon completion, we provide detailed aftercare instructions to our customers.

When cleaning Commercial premises, we may utilise the same “wet extraction” method that we use in domestic situations. However, in many instances, commercial premises have, low profile, heavy duty carpeting installed, which we can clean using a “low moisture” system that utilises the latest developments in chemical technology to rapidly clean the carpet and reduce the drying time, thereby minimising the disruption to your business.

NCCA Approved Carpet Cleaning Faringdon

We are experts in our trade and as such are very proud to be members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), This membership means we have been with the NCCA for over a year and have passed all of the recognised training qualifications. All companies registered with the NCCA have full insurance cover, are compliant with health and safety legislation and abide by the Association Code of Practice so you can feel assured that your carpets are being cleaned and treated to the highest standards.

Our Customers Love Us!

We are very proud in the work we provide to our customers and unlike the national companies we are a family business of carpet cleaners in Faringdon. Our customers love the service we provide too, but don’t just trust our word for it – read our local reviews.

Carpet Cleaning Faringdon

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